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Erfolg Life Sciences: Integrating the Complete Healthcare Ecosystem into One Platform

si Team
Tuesday, February 21, 2017
si Team
A Nevada woman died after being infected by superbug NDM (named after India's capital New Delhi Mettalo-beta-lactamase) during her visit to India. The superbug is antibiotic resistance and Indians love for antibiotic is world known, which puts us at the higher end of the risk. These bugs have transformed themselves over the years, becoming more powerful. To combat such changes, pharmaceutical companies have developed better and more powerful medicines. However, the case becomes more critical owing to the huge gap that exists between pharma companies, doctors, patients and pharmacies. While doctors are busy attending their patients with no time left for medical representatives (thanks to India's worst doctor-patient ratio), educating them about the new medicines and medical devices becomes an uphill task for the MRs. On the other side, due to lack of medicinal knowledge, patients even take alternate medicines offered by pharmacies who mostly sell medicines that profit them most, ultimately affecting patients health. Understanding the huge requirement to connect all the edges of the healthcare ecosystem, Ramesh Meesala created a mobile application called MedRep.

Moving beyond doctor-centric applications, MedRep is one of its kind cloud-based apps built on MySQL database. "We intend to create awareness among the healthcare stakeholders whilst helping pharma companies come out with quality medicines at a cost effective price point. We will also them help decrease their marketing expense to a bare minimum, increase productivity and enhance drugs," asserts Ramesh. The platform is currently available in iOS version and web portal, but will be launched as an Android application by this month.

This pharma-centric application helps pharma companies to emerge winners at a considerable low cost. In its first phase currently, the app has successfully connected pharma companies to the doctors. The next phase will soon see the application brining other stakeholders to the platform. Sitting on the top of sales force automation that pharma companies use, the platform acts as a value add product for the MRs and pharma companies.

Connecting the Ecosystem Seamlessly

MedRep is the product of Erfolg, which was founded in 2015 by Ramesh as a healthcare company providing collaborative and analytic platform to connect the healthcare ecosystem. Having witnessed the bottlenecks himself during his course of 23 years of IT experience in pharma companies, he thought to create a transparent platform to connect the unconnected. Thus MedRep took its shape. However, educating the stakeholders was a tough nut to crack.

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