iMedX: Offering Medical Transcription Using Humanology Approach with a Never Ending Commitment

Anamika Sahu
Tuesday, February 21, 2017
Anamika Sahu
The failure of a medical professional to correctly note down a patient's information can lead to either serious injuries or conditions and even loss of life. Despite several advancements in technology, transcription is still an imperfect science as software cannot discern accents and unique speech patterns. On the other hand, transcriptions done by individuals are subject to human errors. Whether it is software or a human error, the stake is always considerably high in medical field, where a transcription mistake could result in a career-ending malpractice lawsuit and even death of the patient.
Sharron Juno's case is a standing example of transcription failure. Being a diabetic, Sharron went to a care facility that lacked access to medical records and relied upon a summary dictated by the physician treating her at a hospital. While the physician instructed 8 units of insulin, the transcription service noted 80 units. This lethal dose of insulin resulted in Sharron's death just two weeks later, and the hospital was sued for $140 million.

The need of the hour is 'Humanology' approach (human + technology). Recognized as one of the top business partners in the industry, iMedX success stems from its unique humanology approach, which fuses industry-leading technology with the most qualified people to formulate precision in the clinical documentation process. "Our highly trained technical staff understands medical context, discerns for accuracy and provides an unparalleled level of service unattainable from software alone. We work with each client's existing resources and jointly develop new processes that deliver improvements in efficiency and effectiveness," asserts Christopher Foley, Chairman & CEO, iMedX. It is the only company in its domain to provide best-of-breed, high-value technology solutions backed by top-notch service.

As a problem solver and a critical thinker, iMedX helps reduce process friction and provides peace of mind. The company bestows highly accurate transcriptions with industry-leading turnaround times, tailor-made to fit client needs (sometimes even as short as two hours) to an impressive array of medical professionals across the globe, including numerous large academic facilities, integrated health delivery networks, community hospitals and multi-specialty physician groups. Being effectively staffed ensures production coverage in peak volume periods and the global presence in 18 locations allow the company to improve service delivery and support clients with 24x7x365 service and technical team access. iMedX is seriously committed to HIPPA privacy and security, thus all its facilities across the globe are fully HIPPA compliant. The company has also developed HIPPA Privacy & Security policies and procedures that address all components of The Final Rule; every employee needs to review these and sign a confidentiality statement.

The Unique Set of Offerings

Founded in 2002 to address the increasing need for clinical documentation solutions, iMedX is an integrated medical document management and health information solutions company based out of Atlanta. It provides a full suite of high-value revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions including medical transcription and coding services (remote coding services for medical treatment facilities, hospitals, physicians and other medical offices), results-based consulting, education & training opportunities, and data analytics. The leading-edge technology, custom solutions, best-in-class quality and commitment to service excellence allow iMedX to focus on driving positive results and success for thousands of healthcare clients worldwide.

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