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Enlightiks: Pioneers in Healthcare Analytic Solutions

Kanak Prabha
Thursday, January 8, 2015
Kanak Prabha
The healthcare analytics market is expected to reach $21.3 billion by 2020, growing at a CAGR of 25.2 percent from 2013 to 2020. Lately, the global healthcare data analytics market has witnessed a flurry of activity with vendors bringing out solutions in financial, clinical and operational analytics. The way healthcare analytics solution is changing the current market is phenomenal. Today healthcare analytics solutions are helping in addressing the cost of patients, who are being readmitted to a hospital for similar disease condition. The healthcare predictive analytics is also helping healthcare organizations in getting to know their patients better, so that they can understand their individual patient's needs, while delivering cost-effective and quality services. It is bit difficult to find a healthcare organization that has sufficient staffing and skills to pursue all the analytics. Currently many providers are struggling to find experienced analysts who possess the combination of healthcare domain specialization and experience with the vast array of analytics tools and methodologies.

Headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, with an office in Houston, Texas and supported by a Data Science Lab in Bangalore, India, Enlightiks has already carved an exceptional niche by providing actionable healthcare predictive analytics solutions since its inception in 2012 with the help of its fine tuned personnel. Enlightiks runs on one simple motto,'provide enlightenment through analytics'. "Today, healthcare is one of the fastest growing markets globally and it would continue to be one of the safe bet markets as long as human population exists. Our mission is to give 100 years of healthy lives back to humanity through preventive care using predictive analytics," says Vamsi Chandra Kasivajjala, CEO, Enlightiks.

Enlightiks has grown leaps and bounds in revenue every year. Vamsi Chandra asserts, "We are probably the only platform in India who are focused on healthcare at this juncture. In the U.S., we are probably amongst the top 30 players". As a result, their revenue has grown manifold every year. Enlightiks core team has a previous track record of creating 15 products and over 50 million lines of code which has been implemented in more than 38 countries across 4 continents. What started as a four person company has grown profoundly in two years. Today, the company has a strong team of 40 people who take care of everything starting from ideation to execution. Their team is equipped with credentials that are nothing short of PhDs, MS and B.Tech degrees in fields like statistics, data sciences and machine learning, from prestigious global institutions like IIT, MIT, IISc, Kellogg, NIT, Urbana Champaign, and others.

Tailored to the industry's culture and best practices, Enlightiks understands the organizational processes and workflows, and delivers products keeping the unique needs of their clients at the forefront. Today, through a very strong partner network, the company is working in the Healthcare vertical across North America, India and MEA. The company's suite of services for providers in the healthcare industry includes Accountable Care Organization (ACO), where enhancing the care continuum through care coordination, cohort/relationship/ financial/knowledge management, clinician engagement and predictive analytics & reporting is done. Another service from the suite is Population Health Management, where the focus lies on improvement of Health of the entire population through patient registries & cohorts, patient-provider attribution, cost metrics and care coordination. Their Machine Learning technology converts health data into health intelligence using disease progression analytics and patient similarity analytics.

The company has been working collaboratively across domains to convert data into actionable insights, and further provide best-in-class possible outcomes for each of those insights. Enlightiks delivers scalable, agile and decision-focused insights in the hands of Healthcare providers & decision makers via their proprietary, predictive clinical and computational platform - Querent, which uses complex mathematical, statistical, computational and cognitive models, with a simple, intuitive user interface called Patient Similarity Analytics (PSA) to find patterns. PSA is useful to predict readmission rates, disease progression and hence helps in risk stratification and decreasing readmission penalties. To help its customers navigate the rapidly changing healthcare field, Enlightiks developed an analytics platform with Tableau at its core, that lets physicians and administrators visualize massive amounts of data on patient history and derive patterns. This helps physicians to make accurate predictions on topics such as patient readmission.

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