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Empronc Solutions' flagship product BAZ A Way to Monitor and Optimize Costs

Juby Thomas
Thursday, July 1, 2010
Juby Thomas
The post-recessional, tech savvy industrial world is engaged in an effort to minimize spend in order to increase value to the business and the stake holders. When the financial cycle turns from boom to bust, cutting costs become inevitable for survival in the field. Adoption of new technologies and other innovations help to achieve the ultimate goal of optimizing spend even in a sluggish market. If a company really wants to keep spend well managed, manual controls with over-dependence on people has to give way to automated spend management systems that reduce human interventions. Realizing the growing need of medium and large enterprises to automate the functions and processes, a group of professionals in 2004 incorporated Empronc Solutions in Mumbai.

"There are multiple ways to monitor spend, and automation is probably the best in today’s business environment. But the companies that are unable to track spend and optimize costs should have a holistic view before adopting a solution," says Jayant Dwivedy, CEO, Empronc.

Empronc is envisioned as an organization that would compete with the leading business solution product companies globally. BAZ, the flagship product of the company, addresses the needs of an enterprise with respect to operations, processes, compliance, and workflows. BAZ has proved its strength by the virtue of recognition it has earned in the market, particularly because of its ability to implement a value adding solution in both ERP and non ERP environments. Insurance and banking are the core areas that the company is focused on and it has successfully implemented solutions in different industries like technology, engineering, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, retail etc. It continues to add new industry segments, while creating a strong presence in the existing verticals.
One of their clients, an insurance company with 600 branches across the country and running completely on manual processes, had to move voluminous quantity of papers to the central processing cell, at the corporate office, using couriers. Due to the volume and the checks required, the lead time to complete the transactions was long. This resulted in poor productivity and internal customer dissatisfaction. “Whereas Empronc, within a time period of three months, has successfully installed BAZ and the client now processes over 1000 electronic claims daily. This is at 96 percent adherence to the computerization requirement. Employee reimbursements have become paperless. Some ther ERPs can sometimes take up to six to nine months to install the process and deploy the software but we have proved that we can do it in three months,” adds Dwivedy.

Dwivedy, with 22 years of experience in IT systems, deployment, cost optimization, and strategic management along with the founding directors Manish Bazari and Shalini Bazari ensures the delivery of sustainable and innovative solutions to businesses across industries. Empronc provides three integrated services viz. implementation processes, which includes the scoping, blueprinting, solution configuration, and deployment and the post implementation processes like offsite call support desk (L1), continued onsite support (L2), offsite technical support (L3), and finally the validation and assurance services. With these services, Empronc allows the customer’s team to concentrate on deriving key benefits, without having to resource software technical support.

Currently, Empronc Solutions has engaged customers in Africa, South America, and Sri Lanka. The BAZ software enjoys the confidence at the CXO level with solutions ensuring organization-wide online visibility and integrity of their budgets, spend, and financial data.

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