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EUOR Tech India: Relishing Excellence in Health Care by Bringing the Minds Together

Kanak Prabha
Thursday, May 7, 2015
Kanak Prabha
In this fast growing technology oriented market, digital transformation has undergone a major overhaul and it has become easier for us to rely on its easiness and convenience. With e-Commerce elevating excellence in buying and selling products, entrepreneurs today are stepping up and experimenting with the business models and the sectors they can play. While fast-growing categories like apparels and accessories have always fascinated the minds of entrepreneurs, very few have explored the niche product category like healthcare. Sudip Mukherjee, an industry veteran, is one such entrepreneur who took a holistic view of the industry trend and made a difference in this growing e-Commerce ecosystem by incepting EUOR Tech India Ltd. in 2014. The company is a pioneer in India in creating a health portal where folks can search, identify, book and buy their required healthcare services with just a click or call. And the credit goes to the buoyancy of Sudip and his team of 40, who have the motto excellence and determination engrained in their roots, which has today taken EUOR to scaling heights.

The company has roped in such professionals who have the right proportion of skill, knowledge and experience to deliver quality healthcare services at the doorstep with diversified technology platforms. Having built a legacy of innovations where virtuous ideas are brought to life, the experts have weaved their extensive knowledge to provide convenience, assistance and guidance to get required quality healthcare services in a hassle free way at affordable cost. As IT is evolving on a daily basis, the firm emphasizes on training, therefore have 2-3 alternative training sessions for each department. Through its unique top notch process and delivery models, the company offers services like Instant Doctor's Consultation, Diagnostic & Pathology and Physiotherapy to name a few.

Filling flesh to its each letter 'EUOR' - EVERYTHING U OBVIOUSLY REQUIRE, is a part of one of the fastest growing tech company based in Kolkata, whose USP lays in their ethics, values and dedication toward their valued client. As EUOR has become one-stop-solution for all the healthcare needs, they are connecting tier 2, tier 3 cities and even rural India with its mobile application and electronic health terminals.

Happier and more productive employees are the success of any organization; therefore EUOR's dynamic and homely work culture is specially designed to alleviate the work related stress. Sudip Mukherjee, Founder & CEO, EUOR Tech India, says, "The most difficult task for a startup company is to acquire best talents while retaining current employees. And till now, we have excelled in both".

The firm is devised with best HR practices arraying Female security at first place and not excluding workplace safety, hygienic standard, financial security, healthcare insurance, free medical checkups and more so a happy and joyous environment to work for.

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