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Shali Thilakan
Managing Director- Cable&Wireless Worldwide
Sunday, March 4, 2012
Shali Thilakan
Last year, the world watched in rapt attention, a lad from Ranchi and the captain of the Indian cricket team lift the World Cup after 28 years. Would you believe if someone told you that Mahendra Singh Dhoni started off in school playing football, and that he was once pushed to represent a local cricket club by his football coach? He impressed everyone with his wicket-keeping skills and the rest is the stuff that dreams are made of.

The media went from town to town praising the new Messiah of Indian cricket, 'Captain Cool'. But surely, he didn’t win the championship on his own. It was team effort; Esprit De Corps! What he inherited from his predecessor was a motley mix of superstars and maverick young guns, and look at how he turned them into a winning outfit. And that very fabric is essential to the success of any company.

You can't run a company on your own, nor can you run a company only on hard work. You need talent, flair, diversity, and sustainability. You just need to find the right mix. No movie can be complete without its supporting cast, right? So let's try and assemble a team, let the jigsaw fall into place, and there would be nothing else left to explain.

THE VETERAN - The most experienced pro in your team; he has always strived to achieve so much for the company. Your 'go to' man in a crisis. He was in the company when you were in college. People respect him for his experience. He is by no means an individual contributor; rather the fulcrum around which the team revolves.

THE MAVERICK - When he is in his elements, you know that all-important business deals are in your kitty. He might lose his focus at times and it is up to you to get him to concentrate on the matter at hand. His sheer unpredictability makes him an asset to the team. His creativity plays an important role in inspiring the team to stay afloat during hard times.

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