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Digiswitch Infotech: Enabling a New Paradigm in the Enterprise Storage & Backup Realm

si Team
Monday, April 18, 2016
si Team
The enterprise storage market is largely marked with two genres of solution providers; one who vends storage as a hardware on-premise and the other is the cloud players. But, ask the happy customers of Digiswitch Infotech - a 2012-born new-gen IT solution distributor, they seem to have enjoyed a much higher and safer paradigm. "Digiswitch stands as a unique venture by leveraging the best of both worlds with its hybrid cloud data backup & data storage; not just in India, but globally," explains Rajeev Ranjan,CEO, Digiswitch. While keeping one copy on-premise, it replicates another to the cloud for offsite data protection and avails both the versions for users either on its servers or end-devices. Joined hands with DataCastle - backup & recovery providers,Digiswitch leverages its innovations to empower its clients and resellers to design a unique hybrid cloud data solution, wherein its key resources (technical & sales) address client's queries adeptly.Digiswitch hosts an enviable suit of marquee customers who span across top-tier IT solution providers, manufacturing, realty companies, MNCs and call centers.

Digiswitch has been instrumental in succoring the pressing needs of data availability and security through its out-of-the-box cutting-edged innovations.Closely working with its vendors, this technophile derives its strength from its mature team that loves sharing its proven expertise, experience and responsibility of customer service.Digiswitch also helps organizations to make its IT department a business contributor, thereby delivering much-needed ROI and unparalleled business performance. Possessing a stature of most secure business in the market, the venture's proven mettle lies in rendering a strong data management tool, three layers of security and a fool-proof customer-oriented backup over Azure, leveraging three Azure data centers situated in Pune, Hyderabad and Mumbai."Apart from encrypting the data before actual duplication, Datacastle's software also breaks down one file into thousands of bits and endows each of those files with its own unique encryption key," adds Ali of DataCastle.

The Perks

The close synergy between the company and its vendors is also a fortune for Digiswitch's employees, who work as its customers' extended arm and reap the benefits of the same trainings that its vendors undergo.Groomed under non-hierarchical, entrepreneurial and flat work culture,which emphasizes on constant trainings, the employees are encouraged to fuel the legacy of its customer-first philosophy. Not only its crew, but every reseller trained by Digiswitch, becomes adept enough to get hired by big companies.

"We are very much aligned with what we envision. We anticipate emerging at the leading front as a data analytics-led organization in near future. The journey ahead will be more rewarding as we are geared up to provide next generation cloud-based storage and backup solutions," proclaims Rajeev. The company is currently rearing to launch DVault, a cloud-based hybrid data backup from enterprise end devices (Windows or Mac) plus File servers. Powered by DataCastle and hosted on Azure, the platform is likely to service SMBs& Start-ups,DVault supports minimum of five and can scale up to thousands of devices. "This will also help us and DataCastle to penetrate deeper into the market," concludes Rajeev.
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