Data Integration is a Strategic Issue

Girish Pancha
EVP & Chief Product Officer-Informatica Corp
Wednesday, January 2, 2013
Girish Pancha
Current priorities

Data integration is becoming a strategic issue for senior IT with the emergence of the Cloud and Big Data. Our top priorities continue to be helping companies take advantage of the cloud, mobility, social data and Big Data, to help them manage data as a true asset. This has meant a broadening of traditional data integration techniques, with enterprises adopting Integration as a Service, agile business intelligence, Data Virtualization Data Governance and Big Data Integration.
I am looking at how Informatica’s technology, based on its unique Virtual Data Machine, can provide value to and accelerate these trends. These have been our priorities for a few years now. We released our cloud offering in 2005. Informatica 9, which we released in 2009, is the foundation that lets us design in Informatica and run our platform directly on a Hadoop cluster. My role has evolved with the passage of time. With the number and velocity of the industry trends that affect data accelerating, my focus is much more on emerging customer needs.

Trends developing in the industry

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