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DISYS: Presenting the New Way of Staffing

Sujit Vasudevan
Sunday, November 6, 2016
Sujit Vasudevan
Over the years, the advancement of technology has made its impact across the industry verticals, wee or vast. The global staffing industry which gained a massive pace in past few years is one among the front-row beneficiaries of this tech-revolution. It is no more about consulting services or screening candidates for a staff-entailing organization. From cloud enablement to ERP and Infrastructure reinforcement, the industry demands a versatile set of attributes. However, staffing is a razor-sharp sword which can protect your firm if handled well, else it can retort right back on you without leaving a chance. But imagine a world class entity that caters all these demands along with its cost effective and extremely customizable staffing services. DISYS belongs to such breed of partners that have the capacity even to carve a complete manpower & facility system for your firm with end-to-end technology enablement. This two decade old organization is a preferred IT staffing partner for over 25 percent of the Fortune 50 companies across the verticals including Banking, Insurance, Energy, Healthcare & Life Sciences , Hi-tech/Telecom and F&A. Focusing on staff augmentation services (temporary & full-time) with Hybrid onshore, near-shore and offshore options, the organization caters the facility demands ranging from testing services to infrastructure support, application development, business intelligence services, ERP services and cloud enablement. Yes, all being offered under one roof! DISYS has formed DISYS Labs, a research and development arm tasked with creating ground-breaking cloud applications to deploy to customers and with its deep expertise has created unique Automation Solutions especially in Energy vertical.

Instead of adopting the most common 'employ-a-bench' strategy, the company initiates a specific and pointed research through its immense candidate database considering the available skill resources of the customer and eventually finds perfect-match human resources for them. This unique work milieu benefits the clients with hassle-free staff synchronization, cost-effectiveness, and thus, a happy experience. "The tech-savvy approach adopted combines with the process of applying thought leadership, repeatable processes, accelerate productivity automation tools and industry experts, to solve the most complex resource challenges for the clientele," asserts Mahfuz Ahmed, Founder & CEO, DISYS.

An Innovative History

Scrutinizing the soar of need for vendor flexibility with the possession of quality, Mahfuz kick started DISYS journey way-back in 1994 as a two-person-basement firm. Today, this award-winning multi-million-dollar organization is a trustable partner who delivers the ROI it promised via its global expert network that integrates industry domain knowledge and technical solution expertise. The organization even maintains client alliances that date back over 10 years. At one instance, this impeccable bundle of offerings acted as a boon for a large U.S. based utility provider to stabilize their operational efficiency. Through detailed planning & test verification of all assumptions, and continues open communication with all the stakeholders, the company diminished not only the attrition rates of the client by 24 percent, but also the training costs considerably, which eventually resulted in referrals of DISYS' safe staffing record.

The company has nearly doubled in revenues over the past three years, through its offices and delivery locations in North and South America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific region. Relying on its muscular 3,500 people strong workforce built through in-depth professional in-house training modules (free of cost for the clients), the organization is looking forward to fulfill its much larger targets of serving manpower and providing facilities. DISYS India has been servicing US companies till now, is now started its India centric delivery team to serve local clients. Our approach to India based clients remain the same what has been successfully practiced in U.S. and other regions. "Our approach has always been providing uncompromised service and shows them the true value of engagements with our deep knowledge in automation" says Kumar Rajagopalan - Vice President, Head India Operations.
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