Culture Machine: Taking Media Brands to the Right Audience Worldwide

si Team
Monday, December 1, 2014
si Team
Technologies today are regarded as building blocks of business infrastructure that has given numerous industries the license to exalt and take off to new heights and beyond. Media industry also has been the part of this transcendent expedition led by some of the noblest technologies of this generation namely, Big Data, Social, and Mobility. Across the world, profusion of companies from the media background are innovating and striving to achieve the silver edge over others to proffer best in class service to the audience worldwide. One such company, a technology driven, creator focused, and an example of pure preeminence, who has embarked on a journey to enable brands and traditional media companies pave their path through the clutter and reach to the right viewers on a global scale, is Singapore based Culture Machine. The firm is a world class digital media network of the internet generation known for its expertise in exporting South-Asian youth culture globally,through the means of fusing popular digital content, using data and technology.
Traditionally, the monopoly to showcase the entertainment and other media formats were in the hands of a very few companies and the source to watch them was only through televisions. As time has traversed, new-fangled tools and solutions have ingress in the vicinity and since then the course of tide has changed entirely. "The power to build culture on the back of media has shifted from the hands of traditional media companies to the hands of global consumers today," says Venkat Prasad, co-founder, CTO and COO at Culture Machine. He delineates, "today anyone, from any location has the luxury to access any video through their mobile, tablets or laptops. They can discover new types of contents,which are applicable to their new life style, and can share them with their friends. In fact Social is the new distribution and mobile is the new TV and with always on connectivity, entertainment has become a lifestyle controlled by empowered consumers"
The cable era has truly been overshadowed under the surge of new age multi-time, multi-screen and on-demand content and consumption empowered by Social platforms, and smartphones. This has resulted in audience fragmentation and emergence of mass niche audience globally.
Culture Machine targets audience and communities with interest in the South-Asian culture and entertainment globally. The company has empowered various brands, publishers and creators to reach targeted audience in new media platforms as it leverages Big Data and proprietary technology to assess the content consumption patterns and creates programming at scale for this mass niche audience.

Roadmap of the Culture Machine
Since the establishment of the company, Culture Machine has focused its proficiency in music, entertainment comedy,news, beauty and lifestyle verticals. With their laudable initial success in a very short time, the company is now planning to get its roots deeper into these verticals using differentiating technology. The executives of the company are looking forward in building CultureMachine as the leading digital media network for South Asian entertainment globally by creating engaging content with the help of cutting edge technology.

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