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Cube26: Replenishing Kineticism to Emotion Technology

si Team
Monday, July 20, 2015
si Team
In the wafture of smartphone industry, privacy has been a major concern. Personal Devices are still not so personal and often lack privacy. Pioneering 'finger-print' detection from Apple integrated a layer to 'privacy', but the system's lack of implementation has found a new fangled way to use your personal accounts and devices. Through your presence, you can now control your access to the private files and accounts. In a sentence, 'you are your password'.

'Presence Detection', a not much researched subject, has been the focal point of discussions for three stripling techies from Cornell University when they innovated the way to utilize physical appearance for bulwarking privacy. Subsequently, even if anyone is sneaking through your social networking sites, smartphone, Tab or bank accounts will not be to able to peep in. Access Control System will imprimatur only the user to utilize the particular account. The front-facing camera will automatically perceive your presence and let you in. Bringing this technology into authentic use is Saurav Kumar's PredictGaze, which he founded in 2012 along with his two friends. The California predicated company, with an office in Delhi, soon introduced a package of perspicacious technologies for hand-held devices and smart televisions. Realizing that the company was dwelling into more technological advances not circumscribed to mere gesture, the trio renamed their company as Cube26 to denote a three dimensional perspective to working of the company. Today, the company works around multiple lines of mobile ecosystem to help users get the best out of their devices.

Making Smart Gadgets Smarter

Cube26 is a remarkable name with their state-of-the-art technology through Gaze Tracking, Gender/Age Recognition and several other technologies. The compnay has introduced Emotion Detection which will make advertising more interactive as viewers' immediate reaction to the ad content can be detected through Advertising Analytics resulting in managing ad and product in a better way. Making technology cooler every day, this startup has introduced a few cool features such as - Auto Call, Blink to Capture, Front n Back, Shh! to mute & unmute videos, and customized gesture controls. Cube26's 'Look Away to Pause' technology integrated iOS with 'Look Away Player' and earned a gargantuan 0.15 million downloads and over three million registered gestures. 'Go Go Mongo', a 'Sphero' enabled educational app for children, proved affluent resulting in top 25 educational iOS app. Cube26 has integrated its technologies in the mobile OS to acquaint App, Game, Music and Video Center for a wealthier mobile experience.

Saurav, Founder & CEO, Cube26, explains, "People create products, we create experiences. We just want to make the experience of their smartphones better and more lucid than what they are experiencing". Cube26 customizes Androids for major Indian OEMs including Micromax, Intex, Celkon, Zen, iBerry and Lemon Mobile, which will enable to put Cube26's gesture-based capabilities in the hands of millions of customers. In 2013, a year of technological revolution, Cube26 struck a deal with budget smartphone manufacturer Micromax to sell 'Look Away to Pause' feature in the Canvas model. The flourishing trend perpetuated with over two million devices running Cube26's software. The company also has its software integrated in one million devices and in the span of four months, touched a breath-taking two million.

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