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Cross-Tab: Offering Next-Gen End-to-End Market Research Solution through Innovative Technology

Susila Govindaraj
Wednesday, February 25, 2015
Susila Govindaraj
They say success will follow those who seek excellence. Glimmering at top as grand exhibit A to those wise words by growing hundredfold in ten years is Cross-Tab Marketing Services, a global market research outsourcing company. Born in 2000 as a brain child of Praveen Gupta, Kedar Sohoni and Ruchika Gupta, the data mining company soon embellished its clientele with multitude of global clients across research & consulting and several marquee names across retail, CPG, hi-tech and healthcare, as Cross-Tab brought forth all the missing puzzle pieces in the industry to attain excellence. The pure-play next-gen market research agency evolved into Cross-Tab Group, which manages a group of companies with diversified business areas instep with evolving requirements.

Consequently, the company brought aboard highly-proficient, award-winning serial entrepreneurs akin to Ashwin Mittal, who spearheaded Cross-Tab to attain an inspirational 40 percent year-on-year growth. Having built a niche of its own as pioneering research & analytics provider, Cross-Tab spread its wings across five delivery locations and multiple offices across U.S., UK, Middle East, Mumbai & Bangalore and earned a stellar reputation for enabling clients to take much more informed decisions on marketing, sales and customer management functions with whopping 95 percent repeat customer rate. Unsurprisingly, Cross-Tab's prowess has been consistently recognized by several awards from IAOP, Red Herring, Deloitte and Black Book of Outsourcing.

"Our transformation has been achieved via vigorous effort and emphasis on retaining edge across three pillars – people, process and technology; backed by our strong operations team that aims to become strategic partners of choice for all clients," says a proud Ashwin Mittal, President, Cross-Tab. The company that had just 12 people in 2004 today stands gigantic with more than 900 full-time employees and a diversified team with best talents from IITs, IIMs and Great Lakes. With relatively flat hierarchy, Cross-Tab empowers leaders at all levels by endowing them with remarkable level of independence and cross-functional training option. The highly-merit based culture identifies and proffers rapid growth opportunity to best performers.

End-to-End or Just Heavy Lifting

"As client's expectations are shifting from 'execute operations' to 'be our operations', we manage end-to-end processes and provide services integrated with other providers for seamless operations," says Ashwin. Being partner of choice for primary research process outsourcing, Cross-Tab handles entire project, or just heavy lifting of research project management. The company also provides Data Visualization, Analytics, Social Media Monitoring & Measurement and Panel Management. While Cross-Tab's sister company blue ocean Market Intelligence, a global analytics and insights provider, enables corporations to realize 360o customer view, Informate Mobile Intelligence pioneers in mobile metering software development, while Border less Access excels in emerging markets research.

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