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Cnergyis: Power of Execution

Kanak Prabha
Wednesday, February 25, 2015
Kanak Prabha
Cnergyis is a global provider of enterprise cloud applications for human resources. Founded in 2000, Cnergyis delivers human capital management, Learning Management, Performance Management, Recruiting Software, Talent Management,Payroll Outsourcing, HR Outsourcing and HR analytics applications designed and delivered for the world largest organizations. From medium-sized businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises, across a cross section of industries use the Cnergyis solution to deliver business strategy alignment, team execution and maximum people performance.

A gap exists between strategy and performance. Most business strategies deliver only a fraction of their potential financial potential.Obstacles that limits strategy occur at the point where people execute it — inadequate performance monitoring, delayed recruitments, poor communication and collaboration, actions that are not clearly defined, and blurred accountability are all reasons leading to strategy failures. To close the execution gap, people across the organization need the processes, and tools that can improve business execution and get results.

Cnergyis stands head and shoulders above all the rest and delivers a world class experience of both technology and customer service. This cloud powered and SaaS modeled product provides real-time transactions, reduces administrative effort, increases data quality, and provides clean, uncluttered and easy to use GUI to its users. Cnergyis reinvents the management of human resources with its single application and provides HR departments full visibility over their entire company.

Prasad Rajappan, Founder & MD, Cnergyis says, "Cnergyis provides end-to-end products and services in HR outsourcing. We have combined technology and services together to provide best outsourcing products in the industry. We offer holistic approach through HR outsourcing, so when a customer comes to us, he doesn't have to worry about any other technology as far as HR is concerned". Cnergyis holds all the aces in providing the best HRMS solution at the most affordable cost, the power of better business execution, is what they do.

The Synergy of Experience

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