Cloud Computing Challenges for the Modern Enterprise

Jitender Sharan
CEO-CipherGraph Networks
Tuesday, October 1, 2013
Jitender Sharan
CipherGraph Networks is a provider of secure cloud based VPN services. The company was founded in 2011 and has raised an undisclosed amount from The Social+Capital Partnership.

Business at the Speed of Cloud

The cloud industry is experiencing a growth of 17.4 percent (CAGR). In absolute terms, the industry will grow by an additional $139 billion over the next five years. Cloud security industry is growing at an even faster pace, a staggering 23 percent. The reason for this explosive growth is that cloud has helped a lot of businesses in smart decision making and in general freeing businesses from managing their own IT.

Yet, cloud computing is in its infancy. The world is yet to truly benefit from the cloud. At the root of it is mostly skepticism.
Cloud will Transform every Domain
If you have any doubts about cloud computing completely and steadily transforming your domain, you should think again. Your domain and industry is changing whether you like it or not. Adaptation will not be optional.
“Software Defined x” is taking over the traditional models. The cloud has elastic compute and elastic storage and now there is also elastic security built right into the cloud; people are calling it “Cloud Native Security”. CipherGraph pioneered this technology years ago. It is only recently that people are truly understanding that a model like ours is capable of much higher performance, reliability, geographical redundancy and failover zones; something that is impossible if you host an on-premise datacenter.

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