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Tavant Technologies: Breaking the Conventional Mode of Customer Engagement

Sagaya Christuraj
Tuesday, October 1, 2013
Sagaya Christuraj
IT service providers often have extensive experience designing and supporting companies' broader IT architectures. The process also often involves planning and integration work in the areas of, application rationalization, governance, security and more. IT service providers often have the expertise and capabilities to be a one-stop shop that can address all of these needs. Tavant Technolgies is a company that fits the description.

Founded in 2000 by Sarvesh Mahesh, Tavant Technologies is a specialized IT solutions and services provider of choice for customers across the world. By leveraging its unrivaled capabilities and domain insights, Tavant provides impactful and game changing results for its customers. It is renowned for its engineering excellence, passionate employees and long-lasting customer relationships.

Customer Focused and Keeping up with Changing Times

Santa Clara headquartered Tavant offers strong IT services expertise in micro-verticals and emerging technologies, and platforms and reusable components-based service delivery. "We are known to be customer focused and responsive to their evolving needs. Customers come to us because they find a true partner in us, not just a vendor," says Mahesh. Additionally, Tavant has a strong brand as an employer – a great place to work.

The sweet spot of the company is serving customers that are medium-sized, growing and forward-looking companies. This is due to the fact these companies also need the same kind of expertise and commitment that is provided to their larger peers by bigger IT providers. This in turn enables its customers to provide superior end-user experience, multi-channel coverage, make their processes more efficient and acquire more customers.

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