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May - 2010 - issue > CEO Spotlight

Chip Packed with More Features at Low Cost Marks the New Trend

Bala Vishwanath
Wednesday, May 5, 2010
Bala Vishwanath
The system design industry is witnessing turnarounds at different levels. At the process manufacturing level is the concept of 3DIC Through Silicon Via (TSV), a process which imply a vertical electrical connection (via) passing completely through silicon wafer. The TSV technology gains ground with the growing importance of creating 3D packages and 3D integrated circuits. In fact, by two years 20 percent of the designs will incorporate TSV. The trend will help to pack more features into the chip at a lower cost, which will demand electro-magnetic effects, and in turn boost the magnitude of 3D deliberately outwitting 2D effects.

The increasing utility of video and wireless enabled devices is impacting the application level and corporates are turning around for higher bandwidth. The bandwidth power is recognized across the sectors and not necessarily limited to the wireless and the video applications rather also in the diverse fields of automotive, aerospace and biomedical.

With the new technological advancements in the different system design process, companies are on a lookout for better computing platforms such as “compute in cloud”. Enterprises co-designing systems involving chip-package-board are able to benefit from highly parallel cloud architecture and also benefit from paying licenses on demand as per their need while ensuring a secured cloud-computing usage. The new trends at the different levels will help in full system verification and also enable parameterized designs; which has traditionally been a challenge. The overall effect of this would be better quality designs, reduced costs and faster times-to-market.

The entrepreneurs must mark the opportunities that lies in the system design space, however, should also focus on providing a convincing business proposal. This would help the enterprises to try out new solutions from newer companies overcoming their qualms on engaging with a startup. Entrepreneurs could often benefit from analyzing current solutions in the marketplace, surveying what’s lacking and innovating on newer solutions that focus on uniqueness, IP and overall value rather than just a lower cost to what might already work.

Bala Vishwanath is the President & CEO of Physware. He, along with Dr. Vikram Jandhyala, Dr. Dipanjan Gope and Dr. Swagato Chakraborty, brings the knowledge to provide high-speed innovative 3D fullwave solutions that enable broadband verification and co-design across the chip - package - board ecosystems.
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