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May - 2010 - issue > Cover Story

Tavant: Redefining Team Work

Christo Jacob
Tuesday, May 4, 2010
Christo Jacob
When the top notch financial services companies including MB Trading, optionMONSTER, Fifth Third Bank and others open their wallets in search of best-of-breed technology solutions, they knock the doors of Tavant Technologies. The Santa Clara, CA, based Tavant helps the biggies to decrease latency and increase speed, upgrade technology platforms, build management solutions, and to set themselves up at co-location facilities. As we know, the race to have the best technology that will slice latency down to microseconds and eventually to nanoseconds is far from over. So in the big IT services market where even the biggies are now focused on the BFSI sector, what gives Tavant the edge and advantage?

“Customers are not just our clients, they are like partners and they need to know as much as we do,” says Sarvesh Mahesh, CEO, Tavant Technologies. Mahesh was quick to carve a niche and break the conventional mode. He follows the simple mantra of ‘transparency’, and ‘access to real-time status of each project’ and believes that it has really worked among the customers.

Now, the company is in a momentum of growth as the mantra that worked well to woo the top notch online financial clients has in turn helped them get more players. Tavant’s legacy of having transparency among the employees and its unique global client engagement helped Tavant to make sure that the customers get focused attention on minimizing issues and maximizing customer satisfaction. Unlike its competitors, the company believes in building and strengthening relationships with its customers and delivering the deep understanding of domain expertise. As the financial services market continues to evolve every day, the customers in this space are constantly demanding improved services and better experiences on their web-based applications. So at the same time reducing overhead remains a critical challenge to stay competitive.

Currently, the financial services industry is undergoing a significant transformation in how applications are designed and delivered. A key driving force behind this shift is the growing imperative to be global both in terms of providing customer-facing services and in taking advantage of a distributed global workforce. Applications that were previously deployed locally on well-provisioned workstations or kiosks need to be redesigned to serve an increasingly distributed global client base running ‘thinner clients’ such as consumer PCs, laptops, notebooks, and mobile phones. Mahesh was quick enough to grab the opportunity.

“For Tavant, e-business is our blood, and that’s where we started,” says Mahesh. Having had stints at Junglee and Amazon.com, Mahesh’s expertise in Web technologies has helped Tavant have an advantage in development of Web technology based e-business applications. This includes user experience design, leveraging the latest Web 2.0 technologies and the use of emerging open source Web technologies. Over the last year, Tavant has also developed expertise in building applications for mobile devices. “Some of our biggest projects in the securities and trading domain, are done on open source components, and are the first of their kind in the world. Such high availability, concurrency and transaction rate Web-based applications based on open source had never been done before,” he says. To create such a history of first-of-its-kind was possible only due to its strength in e-business. The combination of domain expertise, technology excellence, executive commitment, and transparency also gives added mileage. "Tavant’s expertise and platform allows us to better compete in the online channel and offer our customers a positive application experience," says Marilyn Mocilnikar, SVP at Fifth Third Bank.

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Reader's comments(1)
1:Tavant rocks!!!
Posted by: Thallin S Shetty - 04th May 2010
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