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March - 2012 - issue > Marketing 2.0

Changing the ecommerce dynamics for SMBs

Vishwas Nair
Monday, March 5, 2012
Vishwas Nair
Kashyap Vadapalli, Chief Marketing Officer, eBay India

The internet scenario in India has undergone a rapid change. There are about 100 million internet users today and the numbers are growing at a rapid rate. Internet is becoming more central in the lives of the consuming class in India. By 2015 the internet usage will rise to around 350 million people. Within this rapid pace of growth of the internet, the ecommerce has grown extensively especially over the last 18 months. This growth is actually driven by two or three large factors.

1. The number of internet users

2. The quality of internet devices (Broadband, 3G devices etc.,)

3. The infrastructure system in India around ecommerce (payment systems, logistics) and the safety that people perceive doing transactions via internet.

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