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Cadence: Accelerating Innovation

Pradeep Shankar
Thursday, February 1, 2007
Pradeep Shankar
Managing Director of Cadence’s India operations Jaswinder Ahuja is at the helm of engineering activities on which all industry—and social—progress relies. He steers an engineering force that makes software used to design the world’s most cutting-edge semiconductors.

Here’s a thought to quicken your pulse: With the move to 65nm and 45nm chip designs, Cadence is investing heavily in developing the next-generation design software as it acknowledges it as a key growth driver. Engineers at Cadence’s Noida facility are focused on developing design automation solutions to address the needs of the 65-/45-nm technology process nodes.

Chips are so complex today that figuring out how to lay out their intricate networks of microscopic circuits is one of the great achievements. Cadence’s software helps circuit engineers at places such as ST Microelectronics, Freescale Semiconductor IBM, NEC and Fujitsu avoid the distortions caused by packing millions of microscopic wires on a single piece of silicon. “We are solving the most difficult problem facing designers,” says Ahuja. Cadence’s areas of particular strength include silicon virtual prototyping, place and route, analog and mixed signal design, custom layout and package and board-level design.
The India Center is Cadence’s largest software development site outside the U.S, and is responsible for the development of several mainstream and critical technology products across the entire spectrum of electronic and system design automation like Alta, Logic design and verification and extraction, Silicon-package-board design, Synthesis and digital IC design, Custom and analog IC design.

Historically, the center has been strong in the areas of logic design, verification and printed circuit boards. Cadence is leveraging these skills to build products in India. Towards this end, all aspects of product development process from program management and product engineering to documentation is represented in the India Center.

Apart from the software group that builds next-gen tools, there is a Methodology Services group that helps create Intellectual Property to optimize the use of Cadence tools in customers’ design flows. There is also an IT group in India that provides systems support to all the Cadence offices across the world. Another group provides high-end customer support globally.

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