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Bulbul Apps: The Global Raconteur for Children

si Team
Wednesday, December 2, 2015
si Team
India has more than 300 million kids less than eight years old, the number of users is increasing exponentially and there is there is huge demand in local content. But this market still lacks good quality content on the app stores, especially for preschool kids. Amidst dozens of issues in creating digital content for preschoolers, the arduousness in distributing the best contents is still paramount over mobile app for data-conscious Indians.

A Telugu film maker and technocrat, Prakash Dantuluri (Founder &CEO of Bulbul Apps) took the initiative of bridging the gaps of kids' access to the digital story books with popular characters such as Mowgli, Krishna and Cinderella amongst others working on a silky content which fits in just 20mb, yet potent. While implanting the seed of a collaborative platform in his anterior company, Prakash developed it in his new company, Bulbul Apps that without following the traditional animation-studio way hosts collaborative efforts from freelancers globally and assembles into a world-class app in Hyderabad. Co-founder Sridhar Dogga says world-wide publishers are struggling to create mobile first content for kids, we will help the publishers to publish their content into mobile first media.

Animating Barren Folktales

Originated in 2013 with a vision to enable illustrators, writers, musicians, animators, voice artists and storytellers to create interactive contents for kids all over the world, Bulbul Apps created a library format that maximizes the reach - localize and monetize for content creators. While following a freelance-based content assembling model, Prakash faced a challenge of creating a scalable platform to address different issues - language, quality and process. But Prakash's industry contacts in terms of animation, tech and art availed him to source first few employees and together they fathered a private portal, bulbulapps.com, that works abaft the scene and approves collaboration, ascertains the quality is maintained.

Prakash stepped up to scale 12 stories a month by December while today they are already creating 6-8 stories every month that are available on app stores for free. But the quandary was compressing the stories with background & audio effects along with animations and graphics in 20 mb app as distribution partner CNN India authoritatively mandated. Working vigorously for three months, the team was able to cut the size to just 14-17 mb without compromising on the quality of the content and animation.

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