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September - 2007 - issue > Cover Feature

Building a cohesive team

Pramod K Mishra
Monday, September 3, 2007
Pramod K Mishra
As more organizations recognize the importance of human capital to the bottom line, identifying the strategies that improve individual performance as well as the team performance is most important to gain competitive advantage. Given the consequences of success or failure in this endeavor, organizations must not only identify the ways to build a “team-centric” work force, but also embed “a cohesive team approach” with precision and accuracy.

Cohesive teams, a must for organizations
To ensurie success in an environment in which declining budgets are juxtaposed with aggressive growth, organizations have to obtain the highest possible level of performance from their employees. However, the challenge of devising the tools and mechanisms to bring out the “highest possible level of performance” from employees remains a persistent one. Inspite of numerous solutions proposed this issue, almost all accept that an organization composed of “cohesive teams” always possesses a competitive edge over others in effective implementation of strategic directives.

Characteristics of a cohesive team:
Discretionary effort: The extent of effort put in by the team for the job, and constantly looking for ways to do it better; going to the extra mile to complete the job; and its desire to be described by the organization as being ‘enthusiastic’.

Organizational commitment: The extent of inculcating a sense of ‘belonging’ in the team, and its tendency to consider the organization’s problems as its own.

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