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Browntape: The Digital Assistant to Merchants

si Team
Tuesday, December 1, 2015
si Team
Are you a merchant and have a store? Would you like to ride on the tide and give it a try to online business and grow big like WS Retail? How about starting from thousands to reach million? Yes, million, as the e-Commerce industry is expected to traverse $16.3 billion in India with a gargantuan margin at the cessation of the year. But, your dream of growing like Everest could be shattered due to the amount of 'activities' involved starting from listing in different marketplaces to order management, shipment, payment, order tracking and returns. These painstaking activities to grow big can be smooth, healthy and automated. Yes, there are a few e-Commerce solutions provider who take care of everything for merchants listing their products on sites like Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, and Snapdeal. Among all these solution providers, Browntape takes a large piece of the cake with the help of its in-house software automation and a group of professionals who not only list your products at all the top e-Commerce websites, but also takes care of your promotion, accounts and customer service.

The progenitors of Browntape, Gurpreet Singh along with Piyush Goel, pioneered SaaS-based software originated from a college project - Scrobbld which Piyush and Ian Morgan designed to maintain their online sales business in the UK. This tool services as an umbrella to the merchants integrating listing, orders, shipment and accounts in different rialtos - Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, eBay, PayTM, and Myntra amongst others.

Transmuting Merchants to e-Sellers

Incorporated in 2012 in Goa, with a centralized inventory system, Browntape provides live stock updates once an order is shipped and reflects the update on all the marketplaces it has listed. Additionally, strenuous account maintenance through excel sheets is withal surpassed as Browntape assures of 100 percent precise accounting throughout the channels with its assimilation. This venture additionally avails a sales analytics dashboard which reflects the sales trend of a merchant. In additament to the software part, this integrator for sellers also takes care of entire online business of the physical retailers who do not have any conception of online-market. Covering virtually 95 percent of the total e-Business in the country, it has invigorated its arsenal with its in-house software operation team that works assiduously to relinquish incipient features, and solve issues if any. Gurpreet Singh, the Co-Founder & CEO expounds, "One of the main differentiators is our in-house technology. We put a surfeit of efforts in operations to solve client issues. So, if any new feature is to be renounced, it's just a couple of weeks' effort for us. Another boost to this is its ease of usability and unique design".

A Vibrant Team Aiding Dynamic Technology

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