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Biztran Solutions: Enabling Cost-Effective Solutions for SMEs

SI Team
Monday, March 3, 2014
SI Team
Increasing data volume were in dire need of centralized content/data management systems. The whole chain of data process - data management, data sharing, data representation, accessing right information at right time; and making better decision based on that, is most sought after by companies. To address this issue materialized Biztran Solutions, a software development company that delivers comprehensive business solutions. Biztran was established in year 2002, by a group of dynamic professionals. Headquartered in Mumbai , Biztran provides the chain of services - Custom Software Development, Enterprise Solutions (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Office Automation Software, Mobile Solutions, and Microsoft services, to name a few. Under the supervision of Ajay Kumar, CEO, Biztran has carved a niche for itself with Microsoft services - SharePoint and Cloud Services - Office 365 solutions that are innovative and cost effective for small/medium businesses.
The company's MS-SharePoint provide internet (extranet) and intranet based services that enables organization in improving collaboration, document management, build and host websites, provide centralized content management systems, create custom web applications and hence increase the speed of decision making. MS-Office 365 enables numerous benefits such as - web-enabled access to email, important documents and contacts, ease-to-use, accessibility anywhere and anytime. It also enables password protected portal to share large email files, and pay-as-you –go pricing options that gives flexibility for the businesses.
By following a success mantra of seeing an opportunity inside a challenge has been instrumental for Biztran success tale. They commit towards providing cost-effective service with the required expertise to meet the customer's requirements. They envision adding value to their clients, partners and employees through effective process and quality system that aim to transform the business.

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