Birdzi, Inc.: State-of-the-art Personalized Shopper Engagement Platform

SI Team
Thursday, December 11, 2014
SI Team
While visiting a grocery store, most individuals expect a simple yet efficient shopping experience, culminating in an approving time frame. In actuality, this experience is inept and excruciatingly long due to challenges such as figuring out the location of products and ongoing offers and building an organized shopping list. Individuals pertaining are searching for a viable solution provider who can help them streamline their sojourn. Coming to the aid of shoppers, retailers and CPG brands is NJ-based Birdzi, Inc. who have created unique value propositions to actively proffer intelligent, location aware, interactive environment for the consumer through its mobility driven real-time indoor shopper engagement technology. The company, under the leadership of Shekar Raman, (Co-Founder and CEO), Franc Borges (co-founder & CTO) and Volker Hauf (Chief Software Architect) (and an talented & experienced team) is focused on becoming a leader in the space of location analytics & personalized shopper engagement.
It was Shekar Raman's then ten-year-old daughter who thought of enabling consumers to leverage mobile application to search and locate the right products in a store. This idea sparked Shekar's imagination and empowered him to incept unique location analytics and shopper engagement platform.

Catering to the Big Three
Customer, retailer and manufacturer are three vital aspects on which Birdzi has focused its services. To customers, the company confers description of store layout that allows them to pinpoint the products they are looking for, and an application platform that sorts the shopping list for them according to the store they are in. "We are all about understanding your shopping habits, your typical patterns when you shop and what you have on your shopping list. Using all this information we target the offers and thus simplify your shopping experience,"explains Shekar. The plan of the company is to present the view of things in the grocery shop as they are seen on the websites. For retailers the firm has provided information regarding how their store is being used, how long the customers are in the stores, the typical duration of their visit, which aisles they visit the most and many more. Manufacturers on the other hand benefit from knowing about the traffic around their products and who to target with their offers.
People around the world are often subjected to the profusion of sale promotions and offers by various companies, which makes the whole process ineffective and flimsy. Birdzi harmonizes this facet by going through all these offers and extracting 10 to 20 of the most valuable deals that would interest a particular person.

Plans for the Future
So far, the company has aimed to triumph in Grocery and Jewelry verticals in Europe and North America. In the coming years, Birdzi plans to expand further by deploying its solutions to over 1500 stores and building robust partnerships with prominent players in retail technology.

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