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July - 2012 - issue > In Conversation

Being Customer Focused

Renee Casanova
Practice Team Director -Unisys
Sunday, July 1, 2012
Renee Casanova
Renee Casanova is the Global Integrated Service Management (ISM) Practice Team Director at Unisys. Renee has been working in the ITSM profession for over 25 years. She is an accomplished speaker and has presented at several government conferences and organized user conferences. As an experienced professional, Renee’s previous companies include CSC, JP Morgan, and a privately held software company, Information Builders, Inc. At Unisys, Renee leads a team of some of the most highly regarded BMC Remedy ITSM resources in the world. The team works with Unisys’ client base to architect and lead innovative solutions and has been recognized by Unisys customers worldwide.

Renee shares the burstling activities at Bangalore’s Unisys delivery centre.

Activities @ Bangalore Delivery Centre

Today most organizations are dealing with the sprawl of their IT infrastructure: Even getting a complete and accurate picture of an organization’s IT assets is a major challenge, much less understanding how well they are performing. Cloud, virtualization, mobility, BYOD, and the demands of an always-on global enterprise are only making matters worse. It’s no surprise that IT departments spend a majority of their time responding to multiple alerts and events instead of monitoring and optimizing their systems. I run the ITSM Practice group (IT service management) that is the inbuilt service management group, in which we cover a number of technology of which one is the BMC remedy. ITSM is an application that provides a business service and not a technical service. It is used for Business services management (BSM) and hence gives the overall view of not just the technical aspect, but also helps you develop the vision of your services. We integrate it, so that we can paint that picture and bring that business view back to our customer. So we develop a road map for them based on the company level maturity which helps the customers start with insight management and in turn help them grow with their skills. We use BMC memory to deliver and are betting on what we believe is winner from an application.

Priorities keep changing for the companies in different verticals. What is important to a financial company is not the same with a pharmaceutical or a retail company; it is going to be different. We service all these industries and it is very critical for us to understand all these industries, and understand what value we can provide.

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