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Are you cut out for product incubation?

Sharad Sharma
Tuesday, July 3, 2007
Sharad Sharma
What’s good for the gander is not good for the geese. There are two worlds out there. Where do you belong? Are you more suitable for product offshoring or product incubation?

This is not an idle question. For the first time ever, both product offshoring and product incubation are growing in India. If you work for an R&D MNC captive, you now have an option. Knowing where you fit better can give you a distinctive career edge.

Here is a simple test:

* Do you thrive on meeting commitments? Do you like working against crisp objectives?
Can you rally the team to stay on schedule? Do you have a strong delivery mindset?

* Can you partition complex systems into pieces so that they can be co-developed in different locations? Can you stay awake worrying about keeping different teams in sync? Can you think in organizational terms?

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