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Applicate IT: A Unique Sales -Tech Platform Focused on Driving Revenue

si Team
Wednesday, October 12, 2016
si Team
"Technology is changing the world faster than ever before. We are living in exponential times, technology paradigms are getting redefined. Most of the widely used technologies will not exist five 5 years from now, but most of the businesses will be driven by technology. The next 5 years will witness the most disruptive changes in business led by technology". This has been the reason and guiding principle of a technology start-up founded Ranjeet Kumar and A. Madhusudan. Before founding Applicate, Ranjeet Kumar was heading a business unit of Coca-Cola in India and Madhusudan was a senior Portfolio Leader for telecom products in Avaya India.

The duo, with a combination of business domain strength and tech expertise conceived a product platform that could redefine the space of Sales Automation. Unlike all the Sales Force Automation companies in this field who largely focus on automating transactions, it focuses on driving revenue growth. They realized that most of these challenges in the consumer goods industry could be eliminated with a mobile based platform that could allow users to drive execution, track productivity, engage with people and consume data in a simple and intuitive way. And thus, the mobile and web based platform 'EXEED' (a short name for Execution, Effectiveness, Engagement and Data Analytics) came into existence as a first-of-its-kind Sales-Tech platform focused on driving revenue.

The Unique Gateway to Success

"Most of the companies have basic or low level of automation with almost archaic technologies. Several existing technologies in the space of sales automation will be redundant and soon replaced by more agile and business impacting technologies with extremely compelling ROI and superfast SaaS based deployment," explains Ranjeet. Hence, Applicate has built a unique Sales-Tech platform developed on latest technologies to impact Sales & Revenue driving activities across industries.

With a clear focus on driving revenue as against automating transactions the 'Sales-Tech' platform created by Applicate is a great value addition to the organizations that have to depend on different applications and vendors for different functions which by design is inefficient without a unified and integrated interface and database. With its proprietary design and architecture 'EXEED' allows large organizations to create a single and unified platform for seamless execution across Sales & Distribution functions. The platform is a big leap from automation of transactions and capturing of information, to impacting everyday execution and business outcomes in the most effective and measurable way.

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