PropChill: Empowering Investors through Analytics in Real Estate

Susila Govindaraj
Wednesday, October 12, 2016
Susila Govindaraj
Indian Real Estate market size is expected to increase from $121 billion to $853 billion by 2028 and the Smart City project is estimated to bring about a major flip, where the number of Indians living in urban areas will grow from 406 million to 600 million by 2031. But as of now, the industry is recovering from a slowdown, which is a blessing in disguise for end users and investors. The downturn has not only balanced the industry, where the inventory is high and demand is low, but forcing the builders who used to take the buyers for granted to come out of the shadow and be more transparent. Moreover, several regulatory systems and arbitrary councils are coming up to weed out the developers playing a dirty game and increase the reach of players who bring in more market value.

With the population expecting everything on a click of a button, this promising sector regaining scope holds huge potential in digitization. Bridging this digital gap with unbiased analysis and authentic reliable information is www.PropChill.com. Being a completely end-user facing company, PropChill handholds end investors through the real-estate wilderness, via its unprecedentedly meticulous platform. In fact, it doesn't tie up with developers as part of its business model in order to provide unbiased ratings and analysis. This Gurgaon headquartered company provides a platform to the developers (for broadcasting their projects with maximum information), brokers (to obtain insight into real estate market) and end investors (make informed decision towards property selection), where they can interact with each other in a transparent way.

Intelligent Analytical Comparison

PropChill provides an investor a structured approach to property short listing, with digital tools to carry out in-depth analysis of residential property across five independent pillars of Design (floor map of the property and also provides the carpet area), Specifications (breakdown of the finish being given within the property), Conveniences (facilities being provided as part of the project/complex), Propinquity (based on the location of the property accounts for schools, shopping area, hospitals and other public conveniences existing as well as planned in the general area) and Cost (a complete breakdown of the overall cost to be paid for the property, also provides graphical tool to assess the RoI as per the market rates).

Properties can be compared across all these pillars through graphs and matrices - within a city or across cities. As opposed to most real estate web portals that merely list properties and a few portals that provide ratings based on a couple of facets, PropChill carries out ratings across all the pillars based on proprietary algorithms which take into consideration 100+ facets of the property. The company also allows a user to rate projects based on their experience, knowledge and expertise, which is available for the eyes of other users/investors. The user can analyse, research, see all the graphical analysis and compare all properties - a unique feature that other portals lack. In addition, PropChill's Graphology section provides in-depth analysis through easy to comprehend graphs, which range from pie, bar, histogram, composite to bubble - an additional perk for users to take more informed decision.

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