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Amphora: Offering Deep Functionality, Ease of Use & Rapid Out of the Box Deployment

si Team
Sunday, November 6, 2016
si Team
"We combine our industry knowledge with thorough requirements gathering, integrated test plans and rigorous project management to ensure that the delivery of our product, either deployment of the system to a new client or adding enhancements to our existing client base, are delivered on time and on budget," reveals Don Levantin, CEO, Amphora, Inc., on how the company withstood the test of time while maintaining steady growth. Approaching its twentieth year in the industry, this 1997-founded company built the first commercially available E/CTRM system that was purpose-built specifically for the commodities business in collaborative effort with a number of industry leading commodity companies.

Renowned for its superior client service, the company works with its clients to constantly improve its offerings and share these changes with them. This has bestowed Amphora with a strong client base consisting of major trading houses, national oil companies, refiners and suppliers, many of whom have been with the company for well over ten years.

Crushing Integration & Data Consolidation Hurdles

Amphora has strived to develop applications that consolidate information across many systems, providing clients with all the tools required to run their complex businesses, thus sparing them the hassle of implementing both a new system and then implement another set of systems to consolidate and review their data. With a multi-tier approach, the company provides its feature-rich standard out-of-the-box E/CTRM solution which includes full integration with commodity exchanges, market and internal prices, data input connectors and reporting dashboards; thereby enabling clients to quickly get their solutions up and running. In addition, Amphora also offers APIs that provide clients with the means to both insert and extract data in both real time and historical analysis.

Amphora's flagship product Symphony covers Straight Through Processing of Crude & Refined Products, Base & Precious Metals, Concentrates, Coal, Ore, Agricultural and Freight. The company also has several additional products that are closely integrated with Symphony; namely Trade Confirmation Manager (handles all aspects and communication of contracts & confirms), Symphony Freight (recently recognized by Energy Risk Magazine as 'Best for Freight Trading'), Market Connector (provides real-time capture of exchange traded instruments), Risk Manager (offers consolidated view of PL, market & pricing exposure) and Assay Locker (complements its metals and concentrates offering that provides for the secure communication & analysis of assays).

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