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Amalgamate IoT with SMAC to Pave the Way for Disruptive Future Technologies

David L. Aires, Vice President, IT Group & General Manager, IT Operations, Intel Corporation
Monday, February 9, 2015
David L. Aires, Vice President, IT Group & General Manager, IT Operations, Intel Corporation
Being world's largest semiconductor chip maker, Intel is focused on all computing levels from simplest sensor device to super computer. The California headquartered company has a current market cap of $161.39 billion.

Imagine a world where intelligent automobiles communicate with each other to eliminate collision and adjust themselves to traffic conditions in real-time to eliminate congestion or an aeroplane that can sense the demise of its part or unusual level of vibration of a moving part that needs maintenance. These technologies are no longer science fictions. In the upcoming years, they will be pervasively deployed around the world and disrupt human behaviour.

The omnipresence of M2M is inevitable in today's interconnected world. The game changer is the ability to collect information from a small device and utilize communication technology to get it into cloud and leverage new analytics platform to analyze the data and feed it back in a closed loop way. Intel is keen on enabling all industries and businesses with new computing power and capabilities; whether it is optimizing the facilities in factory by predicting motor's malfunction ahead of time, education or healthcare. In retail, communication between cash register and cloud will enable analyzing consumption models and observe supply chain; thereby automatically adjusting orders and distribution to deliver right products at right place at right time meeting consumer's needs and optimizing entire delivery. The examples are endless, since almost anything in our lives or work can be empowered by these technologies.

Accomplishing Aggressive Goals with SMAC

Our highly mobile workforce adopts social media tools as communication and collaboration platform. By tracking consumer or collective behaviour with Big Data, we have achieved much higher RoI; as customers are being approached with solution for their problem. Utilizing OpenStack solution framework, we are developing a hybrid cloud that allows an internal private cloud extendable into public cloud. Moving to highly virtualized cloud architecture allowed data centre hosting operation in Intel IT to cut cost by 40 percent over the last 3 years, while provisioning a virtual machine or server is being delivered in hours, which used to take months earlier. We are amalgamating these accomplishments with upcoming IoT, as we believe that billions of connecting devices tied to cloud and analytics would pave the way to numerous advances affecting almost every person's life on the planet.

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