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Almas Lifts: Conducting Locomotion That Shines Spotlight on Safety

Poulomi Mukherjee
Thursday, October 9, 2014
Poulomi Mukherjee
'It's not important where you start from; the most important thing is where you end up'. This holds true for Mohammedali A. Mukadam, the founder of Almas Lifts, as well. What started off as a small elevator company carrying out repairs and maintenance for elevators 25 years ago has emanated to be one of the leading manufacturer of elevators this day. With unwavering dedication, finest quality products, hard work and commitment to excellence with an eye on technology, Mohammedali has built the company brick-by-brick starting from 3 employees and has taken it to the heights that it currently is at. Almas Lifts Pvt. Ltd. - a 1978 incepted company develops and delivers products using innovative solutions for its customers in India as well as abroad.

Serving multiple verticals like chemical & pharmaceutical, petrochemical refineries, cement factories, food, textile and many more, Almas Lifts tailors products to meet individual requirements of its clients while being ahead in terms of cost efficiency, performance and reliability. The company manufactures all kinds of lifts such as industrial, passenger, goods, capsule, hospital, flame-proof, dust-proof and hydraulic Lifts along with computerized car parking system, stack parking and car turn table. Almas Lifts manufactures, installs, maintains and modernizes elevators in all types of buildings including residential, commercial, industrial, bungalows and high rise. Specialized in industrial, flame-proof and car lifts, the company offers hydraulic as well as traction elevators imported from Italy that can lift massive amounts of weight while ensuring safety. The solutions offered by Almas Lifts are exclusively devised to meet the customer requirements without burning a hole in the pocket of their clients. "Be it the simplest elevator or world's most sophisticated elevator, we provide the one which best suits customers needs and budget," says Mohammedali A. Mukadam, Founder & Managing Director, Almas Lifts.

Over the years, Almas Lifts has been constantly progressing and thriving by overcoming all challenges by planning ahead, proper financial management, problem solving ability and the right systems, skills & attitude to win over thousands of clients with installations all over the country in most of the major industries. But, with recognition comes a more vigorous competition and the need to survive the tide. The ISO 9001: 2008 certified and CRISIL rated company sets itself apart with its state-of-the-art products and services with the aid of an in-depth knowledge of the market and customer demands. Apart from that, a technically qualified, experienced and factory-trained staff that is abreast with the latest technology trends through exhibitions and seminars also helps Almas Lifts push itself past the competition.

Almas Lifts provides a dynamic and challenging environment to the employees while undertaking a great deal of responsibility towards its customers, employers and the society as a whole. 'A mark of Quality, Surety and Safety' - abiding by these words, the company foresees contributing furthermore to satisfy greater number of clients in the future.


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