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Aguai Solutions: Bringing Medicines Just a Click Away through Innovative Healthcare IT

si Team
Monday, December 14, 2015
si Team
At the time where everything is going online and people are buying almost everything from grocery to gadgets on web stores, the medical and pharmaceutical market is also catching up with the trend.Reports suggest that the online sales of medicines is helping the organized retail pharmacy chains that are setting up virtual account for nearly five percent of the medicine market and are growing in double digits. Although many e-pharmacies are yet to take off like other online businesses have, many entrepreneurs are confident of the potentiality of the sector and have started operations in this segment, being aware of the risks that may take place during the course of work. Headquartered in Bangalore, Aguai Solutions (Aguai means Leadership in Sanskrit) have established itself as a niche player in the healthcare segment. Within two years of its inception, the firm has proved itself to be a game changer in the field of healthcare and has helped organizations, ranging from disruptive High Technology startups to SMBs and Healthcare IT companies.

The Journey of Thousand Miles, Began with a Single Step

Being associated with the healthcare industry in India and U.S. for over 14 years, Bimlesh Gundurao (CEO & Co-Founder, Aguai Solutions) was always fascinated with the health care world and its ability to impact millions of lives, since childhood. The fact that how healthcare industry was witnessing rapid changes with the expansion of digitization was perhapsone of the major motivating factors that led him to establish Aguai Solutions with co-founder Madhur Rao. While taking a leap from the US Healthcare IT industry, what Bimlesh had in his mind was to create an impact in the Indian healthcare industry and this was further fuelled by the concept of meticulously integrating technology to it. Hence, started to develop a strong healthcare platform that could connect Doctors, Patients, Pharmacies and Pharmacy distributors. Today, the firm has developed and implemented transformational IT solutions focused at healthcare.

Aguai Solutions has been one of the major players in India to offer solutions to the Doctors, Patients, Pharmacies and Pharmacy Distributors on one platform and has driven the entire supply chain and access to digital prescriptions for consumers. "We have products for pharmacies named Pharmeazy and for consumers named Medieazy where consumers can order medicines through their smart phones," says Bimlesh. "To help the pharma distributors run their supply chain more effectively, we have our product, Distributeazy that connects the distributors with the pharmacies. We are now working on our latest product RxEazy where we are looking at digitizing the doctor's prescription," he further adds. Medieazy app that not only helps consumers in procuring medicines online but also setting a reminder for them so as take medication on time.

Sailing against the Wind

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