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ATeN: Rare Blend of Latest Technology, Inimitable Solution Portfolio & Profound Domain Expertise

Susila Govindaraj
Monday, September 28, 2015
Susila Govindaraj
With the skyrocketing need of digital data, the already gigantic process industry landscape is incessantly expanding. Fanning the flames of astonishment, every engineering company in such vast process industry be it big or small has developed its own business process and work flows that are completely unique. This makes it imperative for any engineering solution to be customized to match customer's processes and workflows; leading to a vast requirement for services in various verticals from channel partners. Particularly for a relatively new company akin to Siemens, which instigated its operations in India in 2013 and has limited team members, it is crucial to have adept channel partners feet on ground to showcase how its ground-breaking technology can add tremendous value to customers across the Indian subcontinent. Amidst them, ATeN Systems stands above the rest with an impressive track record of successful implementations by bringing a rare combination of inimitable solution portfolio and Siemens cutting-edge technology married with a collective experience of 23 years in implementing/customizing and providing training on COMOS.
ATeN transforms data into intelligent, re-usable, searchable and organized digital engineering data to support and train the customer personnel.Our profound industry knowledge and expertise in COMOS (from version 7.2 to latest 10.1) helps us to understand business processes of various companies and incorporate them in any engineering solution. Our team's vast subject knowledge makes clients comfortable when we explain how ATeN will transform their present manual business process into digital form, while the team's experience with VB.NET programming helps in customizing COMOS to any level expected by customers, proclaims Nawdeep Puranik, Co-Founder & MD, ATeN. The company's prowess as a successful channel partner is manifest from the fact that it is currently executing three major COMOS implementation projects for India's biggest Oil & Gas companies.
The Two Sides of the Coin
When ATeN was founded in 2009, its prime focus was on reverse engineering (3D Laser Scanning). Since 3D model was one of the steps towards digital data, customer still needed a platform to combine the digital model with real world documents and engineering information. That is when ATeN noticed the power of Walkinside, a 3D visualization software, connected to single data hub in COMOS. Unlike other platforms, COMOS has single database, single GUI for designing the plant (i.e. engineering from concept design of the plant to detailed engineering of plant) as well as operating the plant with object concept.
Utilizing this, ATeN can help customers to save 30 percent of Man-Hours spent in transferring the engineering information from one software tool to another. Moreover, Engineering Data handover from EPC's to Owner Operators becomes seamless in COMOS without any loss of information and documentation. On the other hand, being a relatively new product, the lack of high-end support from local Siemens office often cause minor delay in projects, since ATeN have to rely on Siemens Germany in such cases. For ATeN, this creates a challenging situation amongst Indian customers who always want it done yesterday.
Constantly Honing & Toning Skills
The company has a team of more than 40 plus engineers who have earned significant years of experience in both Process Industry as well as COMOS. ATeNians follow an open culture even while they are at client's place and get trained to perform as a leader on live projects. This gives them freedom as well as responsibilities for the tasks they own. While certificate for COMOS modules training is a must for ATeNians, rest is presented as and when demanded by customer.. Apart from sending ATeNians to management training programs, the company also plans regular meets and short training sessions once every two weeks to keep the team well-informed about the upgrades/changes in the software solutions it serves. ATeN also plans to instigate soft skills training, so that the technically strong team that can do wonders with the engineering platform can also interact with clients more confidently.
Ambitious to grow as a global player in engineering services industry and establish itself as the most trusted partner in process industry, ATeN is keen on expanding its customer base to Middle East, Europe, Singapore, South Africa and United States.We anticipate building an integrated software platform with Siemens automation products in COMOS with several features including automation and document management. In next two years, we wish to develop similar level of expertise on platforms other than COMOS and focus on the power, pharma and water verticals as well, concludes Nayan Mistry, Co-Founder & CTO, ATeN.
Key Management

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