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Raykor Technologies:Pioneering Highly Creative Solutions that Industry Really Needs

Susila Govindaraj
Monday, September 28, 2015
Susila Govindaraj
A directory publisher sought the expertise of Raykor Technologies when they found that up to 20 percent of ad placements were wrong in the directories they created, despite investing huge efforts for 2-3 months. This had a huge impact on revenue. Wielding the power of Adobe InDesign technologies along with custom built plug-ins and scripts, Raykor completely automated their system (extracting data from client's proprietary ERP system, transferring it to InDesign and generating directory) to create the directory within a couple of hours with 99 percent accuracy. Now the client has broadened horizons to create more directories that are much more comprehensive and specific to a particular segment. This is just an instance. Raykor's perfection is what all its clients vouch upon.
Reinventing Possibilities
Co-founded by Satish Patil, who has been working on Adobe's InDesign ever since its beta version in 1999, naturally Raykor kick started its operations in 2007 as an InDesign plug-in development company and Adobe Solutions Network Partner. In early stages, when InDesign was unavailable to public, building a plug-in was incredibly challenging, due to several factors such as lack of documentation. Against all odds, Raykor built InDServ, an innovative product for queue management& load balancing, which drastically improved workflow efficiencies by bridging gaps between web enabled print solutions and InDesign server. The Adobe InDesign development team was quite impressed when InDServ was demonstrated to them, since it was built with Adobe's native web services. This Pune-based company has pioneered numerous such highly-creative solutions in Abode's creative cloud (InDesign, InCopy, Acrobat and so on) that brings about ease-of-use and efficiency for end-users, and increases client's productivity through automation. In fact, Raykor is the proud developer of inEdit, the pioneering web-to-print component and MasterWriter, the world-renowned song writing application.
Send2Proof Magnifying Productivity Radically
Being one of the world's most experienced InDesign Plug-in developer, Raykor clearly understands InDesign architecture and the way application works in general that facilitates Raykor to use the hooks provided in the API for plug-in development. Leveraging decade of experience, we bring forth creative solutions that the industry really needs,says Satish Patil, Founder & CEO, Raykor. Affirming his statement is Send2Proof, a cloud-based solution that allows anyone to edit InDesign documents online from a browser window, thus speeding up the whole process. Send2Proof permits one to proofread, review, edit & annotate the full range of professional documents designed in Adobe InDesign such as books, journals, magazines, brochures, flyers, marketing collateral and financial reports among others. It is especially a boon for banks that use InDesign documents for generating reports, which should be kept confidential from public until it is published. Send2Proof allows the key decision makers to directly feed the sensitive data into the documents directly at the last minute without the need of graphic designers and knowledge about InDesign.
In the open and flexible culture of Raykor, people are hired based on their attitude rather than skills. Raykorites are not just extremely passionate about programming, but love to learn new technologies, trends and practices. Aside from training every Raykorite on HTML, JavaScript and C++, the company also educates them on processes, tools and practices. Having very tight processes for project management, Raykor safeguards client's source code using source code control systems and logs in all requirements and issues provided by clients into issue tracking system.
Geared Up for the Vigorous Digitalization
The publishing industry is undergoing a vigorous digitalization to an extent where main publishing is moving into digital. There is vast scope for automating processes and bettering the way newspapers are made. Withholding an extremely niche expertise, Raykor is striving to reach these clients, who are currently stuck with big fishes that lack the proficiency to unfurl Adobe's utmost potential. Growing further, Raykor's solutions portfolio will be enriched with few more products from Adobe Creative Cloud. The company that has been predominantly working with publishing houses aims to connect with end-users in the days to come.We'd like to grow horizontally rather than vertically,proclaims Satish. Raykor envisions being recognized as an organization that combines technological innovation and creativity to provide software solutions to the design and multi-channel publishing industry. Judging by the company's innovative spirit and indefatigable commitment to customers, it is safe to say Raykor will soon surpass its own expectations.
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