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A Tricky Situation

ST Team
Saturday, September 30, 2006
ST Team
Rehiring old employees, once considered unacceptable by many organizations, is slowly moving into the mainstream of recruitment.

Rehiring has its advantages. It reduces time to hire and also saves training costs, as the employee is already aware of the job and may require only a ‘refresher’ course. Rehiring also brings in additional skills and knowledge that the candidate has gained in other organizations, thus bringing in a first-hand perspective from the other side. This leads to increase in value or perception of the organization, as a person who had quit for a better choice makes a come back.

There is a flipside though. If an employee is rehired at a level above the one he left, employees who are currently with the company can get de-motivated. This may cause them to believe that the easiest way to advance is to quit and re-join, eventually affecting the loyalty factor. If an employee has quit for a specific reason and the reason still exists (incompatible boss, work environment, et al.), then rehiring is not going to bring in the desired results.

Considering these, rehiring can be a tricky situation for any HR manager.

It brings in its share of benefits, if organizations are ready to look at the shortcomings and address them effectively.
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