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3tel: Providing Efficient QA Mobility Testing Services at Competitive Prices

si Team
Tuesday, January 31, 2017
si Team
Technology continues to play an increasingly important role in QA and Testing. In order to become more competitive, achieve targeted business goals and deliver an enhanced customer experience, companies are adopting a more agile and DevOps approach into their QA and Testing practices. But these testing practices come at very high prices and many organizations cannot afford to avail those, which is why they look for firms providing high quality QA testing services at an affordable cost. This is where Mumbai based 3tel stands out with its cost effective, tailor-made, DevOps based high quality QA testing solutions focused on mobile applications.

Founded in 2010, 3tel is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization and a recognized leader in the provision of Software Solutions and Services with more than seven years of professional experience and practical engagement having strong constellation of companies with large, diverse customers operating in India and around the world. 3tel�s solutions and services include Turnkey Project Management, Professional Services, which include strategic and Operational technology, consultant support, DevOps, IT& Network Managed Services, Quality Assurance testing & Business Outsourcing solutions across multiple domains.

QA Testing Services & TCoE

The company�s dedicated QA practices provide a full spectrum of tailor-made testing services using Manual and Automation testing for various application testing like Desktop testing, mobility testing, web testing, cloud testing, Security testing and many more to organizations creating business applications and software products.

Focusing on mobility testing, 3tel has developed various tools widely used in the field of testing and has its own automation framework to optimise overall testing efforts, assuring products system applications and platform used for development, comply with exact specification required and ensuring the security of the product. With its experience, 3tel has developed faster, better and economical testing aspects by planning and building reasonable 1000+ testing scripts which are managed in various stages, versions and build of the product. The company�s Testing Centre of Excellence (TCoE) provides all required test resources and functionalities through a combination of solid competence along with state-of-the�art testing technologies and various innovative frameworks to its clients. It follows a unique Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) approach for its services, where it develops collaborations between developers, quality analysts and business analyst, enabling early automation and accurate testing results.

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