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February - 2014 issue > 10 Most Promising Semiconductor Companies  

Worldwide semiconductor market is forecasted to be up 4.1 percent to $317 billion in 2014 surpassing historical high of $300 billion registered in 2011, predicts World Semiconductor Trade Statistics. One of the key contributing components to this market growth is the increasing use of smart electronics devices, especially smartphones and tablet PCs. The mobile business drives many new requirements including power, performance and features, higher data rates, high resolution multicore processors and thinner form factors.


Another growth accumulate factor is the automotive semiconductor market which is already soaring over $24 billion; however, the space still has wide scope of expansion as the proportion of electronic components in the automobile is increasing in magnitude and importance. The future will see electric cars conquering the road, powered by eco-friendly energy from sun, wind and water thus pushing the smart chip cards to get smarter. This incredible growth is driving new dynamics and pushing the semiconductor industry to the new technology node each year. 


Though there are several players in the market providing these semiconductor products and services, the challenge lies in finding the best fit and essentially the smartest. Understanding this need, siliconindia identifies "10 Most Promising Semiconductor Companies in India". A distinguished panel of the industry's topmost CEOs, CIOs, VCs and analysts including siliconindia’s editorial board scrutinized the list of semiconductor companies. The list intends to help you chose the company that suits your specific requirement and help your enterprises to realize greater efficiency and Return on Investment.


10 Most Promising Semiconductor Companies in India
Company Founder/CEO Founded Description
Adroit IC Design   
Bangalore, Karnataka
Deep Masiwal,    Founder and CEO 2013 A fabless semiconductor company designing next generation Intellectual Properties (IP) in cutting edge process technology nodes
Ineda Systems
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
Balaji Kanigicherla , Founder 2010 A provider of low power SOC's for the use in both consumer and enterprise applications. 
Infineon Technologies India Pvt. Ltd
Bangalore, Karnataka
Vinay Shenoy,
Managing Director
1999 A provider of semiconductors and system solutions for automotive and industrial electronics and chip card and security applications
Masamb Electronics Systems
Noida, Uttar Pradesh   
Dr. M.J. Zarabi, 
Chairman of the Board
Mr. Mithilesh Jha,
2007 A provider of Semiconductor Design Services and Embedded Systems Design Solutions.
Saankhya Labs     
Bangalore, Karnataka 
Vishwakumara Kayargadde,         Founder & CEO 2007 A fabless semiconductor company developing Software-Defined Universal Demodulator IC for Digital and Analog TV reception
Semtronics Micro Systems
Bangalore, Karnataka
Mahendra Karanam,     Founder & CEO 2010 A provider of IC and IC based power systems design and manufacturing for LED Drivers 
Sibridge Technologies
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Rajesh Shah, CEO 2007 A provider of innovative value added solutions for design, verification, and embedded systems development to worldwide semiconductors and electronic product companies 
SmartPlay Technologies  
Bangalore, Karnataka 
Pradeep Vajram, President & CEO 2008 A provider of digital, analog, wireless software and system design and an independent design house for design and customization of 3G smart phones. 
Terminus Circuits
Bangalore, Karnataka
Dr.Sankara Reddy, President & CEO
2009 A solution provider for the OEM ( original equipment Manufacturers) through custom IPs( Intellectual property)
Vayavya Labs
Belgaum, Karnataka    
RK Patil,                    CEO & Co-Founder 2006 A provider of tools that enhance the productivity of Embedded system designers and programmers. Vayavya serves its customers with ESL products and Engineering Services