Will Digital Video Kill TV?

By Cauvery Adiga, COO, PK Online Ventures
Sunday, September 6, 2015
 By Cauvery Adiga, COO, PK Online Ventures
Founded in 2007, PK Online is a digital media company focused on digital advertising and content distribution market in India.

TV viewing in India is a national hobby and a way of life. With close to 900 channels spread across the length and breadth of the nation, it connects audience even in the most remote areas. People strive to manage their tasks around TV schedules. Program choice has become the reason for many a discord within family leading to second and third TV sets becoming a norm.

Increasing digital video consumption is slowly but surely changing all of this. Now, viewer can control "what", "when", "where" and "how much" factors of content consumption. Viewership will not decrease, but will shift to the device of choice – TV, PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile. Multiscreen video distribution services are enabling this shift by offering ability to stop and resume viewing, set alerts and viewing "offline".

Major broadcasters and Content Production houses have recognized this shift and are offering their programs and catalog over popular digital video services, some even launching their own destinations. Not only is content offered almost immediately after the public release, but it is also being "re-purposed" for digital consumption. This includes making shorter versions of content, enabling user to participate in contests, vote for his favorite stars and ask questions on his favorite programs through extended digital offerings.

Audience is thus moving from being a silent viewer to an active participant. The influence of this engagement is so strong that traditional content houses are now setting up teams to create content specific to the digital viewer's profiles. This also opens door for tech savvy content artists who are much more agile and open to experimentation.

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