Apple Loses To Android's Power At CES

Bangalore: CES, a global consumer electronics and technology tradeshow attended by policy makers, government officials and leaders from major global industries; is an event where exhibitors sign up new customers, and where executives decide on which mobile platforms will work better. The event held in Las Vegas, is huge and is by far considered to be the biggest event in the for tech enthusiasts.

According to Jim Edwards, a tech journalist at Business Insider, who was present at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), said Android phones proved to be more popular than any other device. Everywhere at the CES according to him, people were using Android phones instead of Apple’s iPhones. It is assumed that tech bloggers are Apple fans; however, that was not the case with the 5,000 odd tech journalists at the CES who were seen using Android powered phones.The journalist also reported that Samsung dominated the CES when compared to Apple andbusiness users preferred using the Samsung Galaxy S4 for business purposes. So, most of the visitors at the CES were seen using Android devices or non-iPhone devices.

As with business users the whole purpose of phones are to write a lot of emails and texts, the large screen Android devices are way ahead of the Apple iPhones in the race. When the first iPhone was first introduced in 2007, it took the mobile world by storm with its large touchscreen and the other feature phones which had smaller screens started to lose out to the iPhones.