7 Highly Hyped Gadgets That Never Launched

#6 Motorola phone with built-in Pico projector
In 2007, Motorola teamed up with Microvision, a company that made miniature projectors in order to come up with a unique phone that sported an in-built projector. Under the terms of agreement deal, the two companies were to collaborate on the development front to design a projector to project 854 x 480 pixels screen along with a regular display. The idea of a projector phone got much needed hype from all the tech blogs. Currently this is one concept that hasn’t yet been hindered by total termination of idea and yet it’s still a concept that goes un-attempted by a serious player.

#5 Microsoft Courier
In 2008, Microsoft announced a booklet PC, Microsoft Courier which consisted of dual screens measuring 7-inch each and powered by an early Tegra processor and a modified version of Windows operating system. The dual screen supported multi touch which included both stylus and fingers. But since Courier was a prototype project designed way outside normal development channels, it failed to support apps that were built for regular Windows OS. Thus the market production idea was cancelled in 2010 and project has been “incubated” under Microsoft’s research division.

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