7 Highly Hyped Gadgets That Never Launched

Bangalore: There are some gadgets out there, which made their mark briefly through marketing hype, way ahead of their release. This gave way to excitement and anticipation among the viewers but later served disappointment by never making it to the consumer market.
Some of these gadgets were way ahead of their time and some became victims of mitigated greed and as a result, they were never launched but vaporized into air. As compiled by Business Insider, we bring to you 7 vaporware gadgets that share similar stories.

#7 Infinium Phantom
Phantom Entertainment which was previously the Infinium Labs came up with the Xbox concept nine years before original device. Considered as the Xbox one, Phantom was based on similar architecture as most PCs and running Windows where users had to pay a monthly fee to play modified versions of PC games. But the company could not catch hold of Venture Capitals to support the marketing of the gaming device and hence Phantom never made it to the launch.

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