5 Ways How Android Is Killing Apple

#4 Innovation among competition

Even though Google distributes the Android OS, every manufacturer is adding on some flavors into their Smartphones. This competition is nurturing innovation, while Apple is still stuck with the policy of “one size fits all.” Consider HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 for example. While HTC innovated more in areas of sound and user interface with its Boom Sound, BlinkFeed and Sence 5, Samsung went with tracking softwares, multitasking functionality and camera interfaces. Meanwhile Sony, another leading Android vendor went with waterproofed Android devices which made new benchmarks.

Above all, the Android manufacturers are also producing various versions of the same device, like Galaxy S4 Zoom, meant for photographers and S4 Active, meant for people who want a waterproofed version of their flagship. But unlike this, the internal competition is too slow in Apple and hence the innovation too.