5 Ways How Android Is Killing Apple

Bangalore: Despite Apple’s attempts to keep Android at the gates, Google’s own O.S is coming in fast by capturing markets that were once exclusively owned by the Cupertino giant. With its latest iOS 7 and a rumored cheaper iPhone, Apple is trying to defend Android and its markets. However, according to Android Authority, there are still a couple of strong reasons that will keep on making Android a winner.

#5 Hardware diversity:

The very point where Apple fails before Android is the unavailability of hardware options. Apple is still stuck in the last generation hardware whereas Android manufacturers are conceiving new technologies as soon as it evolves. The Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC One for instance, offers a lot better hardware than iPhone 5. Moreover, Apple’s relatively high price point is keeping emerging markets away while Android is giving them options to enjoy a true Smartphone experience at low cost. As these markets evolve into wealthy ones, it will be difficult for Apple to find a place.