5 Ways How Android Is Killing Apple

#3 Developer community

A strong developer community is growing along with the popularity of Android. A biggest example for this is the availability of custom ROMs for Android like CynogenMode and Paranoid Android. Developers are dedicating their time to give users different levels of user experience. Some of these developments were so strong that certain instances were adopted into the official Android OS. There are also instances when developer forums have discovered and patched the flaws found, like an exploit found recently in Samsung Exynos chips.

Another biggest complaint on Google Play from Apple fans is the presence of crude, unpolished apps. Moreover, the revenue that a developer generates from the Apple’s app store is more than Google Play. The fact is true. However the amount of money generated by an app store doesn’t convert to consumer interest and also Android has more polished versions of all the popular apps that are present in Apple’s store.