5 Best Ways To Better The Smartphone Camera

#2 Memory Aid

Cameras were used to take a still of time so that it can be preserved as a memory; however it can be also be used as a memory aid. You can take a picture of your all your luggage while on a long trip so that you make sure you have collected everything on return. It can be implemented when you so a billboard with lot of information that you want but do not have any writing equipments. Taking a picture of where you have parked your vehicle in a wide area parking lot will surely assist you to spot your vehicle at the hour of need.

#1 Scanning Barcodes

Just open the scanner app on your mobile to trigger the camera of your phone, scan product barcodes and look up the prices.  There are many barcode scanner app for Android and iPhones were you get reviews and some can even read QR codes containing contact information and URLs which enables the user to locate the best online and local prices.
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