5 Best Ways To Better The Smartphone Camera

#4 Webcam or Security cam

Having trouble with the webcam of your laptop? Not to worry, your Smartphone would be the best replacement. There are several smartphone-as-webcam apps available in the market for both Android and iPhone that can turn the camera of your phone into a webcam. It can also be used in real life situations where you can keep vigil over trespassers during night. The camera works as a loyal helper by keeping an eye on your kids during sleep and by watching over various cubicles of your office.

#3 Proof and documentation

Proof is what everyone wants, nothing is valid without it. Why can’t the camera of your smartphone be used for it? Real life examples were it would be greatly useful is a car accident scene where the offenders license plate can be snapped for later purpose. Taking a copy of your important documents and certificates will certainly assist you against any form of alterations afterwards. You can use it while disassembling the parts of any mechanical device so that it makes your job easy when joining it back together.
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