What Your Bank Is Hiding From You








2. “We Won’t Hear What You Want To Say”

Each and every account holder has the right to say and enquire about their money. As per the law, not a single amount can be deducted in any form at the bank’s discretion without informing and properly hearing from the account holder. It is the liability and compulsion of the bank to make sure that appropriate hearing chance is given to the account holder.

3. “We Are Not Responsible For Your Online Transaction Mishaps”

Though banks provide secure online transactions but lately there have been many fraudulent activities going on for which the banks do not provide any help. In such cases it is always better to be careful. If your are opting for an online transaction using your debit card or credit card, make sure the site you are using is authentic. You can also go through few of the basic information that how can you check the authentication of any site. For example, you can use “https” site instead of “http”,‘s’ stands for secure.

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