What Your Bank Is Hiding From You

Bangalore: Banks are the safest place to salt away your money and with new and lucrative opportunities offered by the banks people often don’t think about behind the scene matters. Though you are made realize that you are a valuable customer and can trust your bank blindly, it preferable to trust, but with your easy and ears open. After all, it’s your money!

Most of you remain oblivious about your bank account details and come to know only when you have been charged with an amount you were not familiar with. Read on to know nine facts your bank probably won’t tell you but are must know for all.

1. “We Won’t Inform, Find out Your Self”

Many times it might have happened that your bank deducted you’re a certain amount for not maintaining the minimum balance which should be there in your account. Many of you ignore the fact thinking it is the rule, it indeed is. What most of you do not know is the fact that banks cannot simply fine you for any cause. The banks have to inform the account holder before deducting any amount.

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