10 Crazy Ideas Which Made People Rich

3. Invitation Cards

It was 1994 when 9 years old Cameron Johnson made invitation card for his parents’ holiday party. His way of crafting invitation card was so attractive and efficient that it resulted in more than thousand dollars in his pocket. He was only 11 at that time.

Johnson’s eagerness took him to one after another successful ventures. He concentrated on the e-market and made $50000 in less than a year.

Some of his successful ventures are: ‘Cheers and Tears’, ‘My EZ Mail’, ‘CertificateSwap’, etc.

4. Loading Music in iPod

This idea might sound very easy and simple. No one can believe that this idea fetched more than $100k per year. But this is true!

Almost everyone likes music and wishes to have an iPod to listen to their favourite numbers. But most of the music lovers either do not have time or the collection to upload songs into their iPods.

Catherine Keane took this problem as a way of making money and started ‘HungryPod’. HungryPod loads music on people’s iPod.

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