10 Crazy Ideas Which Made People Rich

Bangalore: Money making has become one of the most researched topics nowadays. Starting from a teenager to a retired person, everyone looks out for the ways to make money.

In other words, money making is an art to fulfill the needs of customers. The more one can meet up the demands of the customers, the more money he/she can make.

Amongst all the money-making ideas, there are some ideas which might sound wacky. But these wacky ideas have made their inventors to crawl in a bed of roses. Here are some of these ideas.

1. Virtual Farming

‘World of Warcraft’ has changed the way of money making for many Chinese people. More than half a million of the Chinese population are earning lot by playing ‘World of Warcraft’.

‘World of Warcraft’ is an online game. It is a multi player game that allows the players to continue the game only with gold as the currency. Some people took this as their source of income. They take part in the game only to earn gold and then selling it to other players who don’t have enough patience to earn gold by themselves.

2. MyYearbook

Writing diary is considered to be one of the best habits. But the question is, even after knowing this, how many people maintain a diary? At times, people don’t have the time and patience to maintain a diary.

The brother-sister duo, Dave and Catherine Cook founded myYearbook in 2005. In the beginning, myYearbook was limited only to their school but very shortly it gained pageviews of more than 1 billion.

This idea finally turned out in the form a social networking site which is worth more than $4 million.

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